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    Bryan Davis posted on his Facebook that all fans should be watching this group:

    The producer, Darren Thomas, has asked for fan responses to a question about how strictly they must stick to the book. Let your opinion be known!

    Mr. Thomas also mentions that they have a studio interested in a rewrite of the script to better emphasize the relationship between Clefspeare and Merlin. Cool! That’s progress!



    Update: Producer Darren Thomas says they’re in meetings that might get the film produced! Check out the full post.



    For you people, including me, who don’t have a Facebook and can’t post on the furum there I thought I would bring some of the discussion about the movie here. What do you guys think the movie should be rated? With reading some of the things said on the Facebook forum because of viloence and and very extreme badguys I’m thinking PG-13. What does everyone else think. 



    I think it will be PG-13. 



    Bryan Davis himself said it should be PG-13 in one of the discussions.


    C Triebold

    But aren’t half his fans 10 years old?  I was thinking PG, like the Narnia movies.



    Well, if you really want to read through a thread of everybody discussing all the gory parts of DIOM, here’s where you should go to see Bryan Davis and Darren Thomas both agree that the movie will likely be PG-13.

    Oh yeah,  and there are lots of spoilers in that thread about who all gets hurt/killed in the books. So tread carefully if you have either a weak stomach or haven’t read the books yet.



    Oh! No fair, I can’t get on FB… tis blocked on my laptop. I’m really excited about the possibility of a movie though.



    Dragons in our Midst MOVIE!!! YAY!!!! I just hope they don’t change the ages like they did with Percy Jackson. :roll:

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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