Harry Cat’s Pet Puppy

Our rating: ****

When Harry Cat shows up at the drainpipe with a forlorn and bedraggled little puppy, Tucker Mouse flatly refuses to let him stay. But, of course, the puppy (“Huppy”) soon joins them as part of the family. Keeping him presents many challenges, such as feeding him, bathing him, and training him. And when Huppy grows so big that he can no longer fit in the drainpipe serving as their home, they decide that it’s time to find Huppy a home with humans, becoming their greatest challenge yet.

I enjoy the Cricket in Times Square books very much, and I think this is one of my favorites. Tucker is his funny, grumbling self, while Harry patiently deals with situations while trying to calm Tucker down. This is a book that children of all ages can enjoy.

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