Ozma of Oz

Our rating: ****

A storm at sea blows Dorothy Gale and a hen named Bill off into another magical adventure in the lands surrounding Oz. After changing the hen’s name to Billina, Dorothy and Billina set off into the unknown. They’re chased by Wheelers and rescued by Tik-Tok the Clock-work man, they meet Princess Langwidere, who is very conceited, and finally meet up with Ozma and many of Dorothy’s old friends. Ozma is on a mission of rescue, with the intent to free the ten children of the former King of Ev, and their mother, the Queen. The Nome King has the children and their mother and is holding them captive. As Ozma and her friends march against the Nome King, they meet many dangers, including an iron giant with a hammer! In the final encounter, the Nome King reveals that he has transformed the royal family of Ev into pieces of bric-a-brac and ornaments. He gives each person eleven guesses, and if they guess them wrong they will become ornaments themselves. Can Ozma and her friends defeat the Nome King?

Of course they can. But there are some interesting twists to the plot along the way, so be forewarned! This is one of the funnest Oz books. Almost everybody’s in it! The Lunch-box and Dinner-pail trees are fun to think about. Have fun!

2 Responses to “Ozma of Oz”

  1. There are some funny parts in here.

  2. This one is my all-time favorite Oz book.

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