Prince Caspian

Our rating: ****½

Peter, Susan, Edmund and Lucy are suddenly called back to Narnia, and they find that Narnia is suffering under the reign of the cruel King Miraz. The king’s nephew, (and son of the murdered rightful king) Caspian, has learned the truth about Old Narnia and has fled the palace. He discovers a group of Old Narnians in hiding who agree to help Caspian regain his rightful throne and save the remaining Old Narnians from certain death.

The Narnia series is one of my favorites. I think C. S. Lewis has a wonderful writing style that really makes the characters come alive.

4 Responses to “Prince Caspian”

  1. I especially enjoyed the swordfighting.

  2. Trufflehunter, the badger, is a heart-warming character. This is a good book!

  3. This was my favorite of the 7 but know I can’t descide which is my favorite.

    Check out GOWC!

  4. […] enjoy reading this book! Lots of adventure! Reepicheep the mouse, also in Prince Caspian, returns to the series and definitely adds to the story. Go on a journey with King Caspian and his […]

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