Farmer Giles of Ham

Our rating: ***

When farmer Giles is fortunate enough to drive a large and somewhat deaf giant away from the village of Ham, he acquires quite a reputation, which he is forced to try to maintain when a large dragon, Chrysophylax the Rich, becomes a threat to the citizens of Ham.

This is a hilarious story with a wonderful way of putting things bluntly. (if you’ve ever read The Reluctant Dragon by Kenneth Grahame, the styles are similar) The farmer does use a bit of language (unfortunately) but the storyline is great. Crysophylax is such a funny dragon! (Although I’m sure he doesn’t think so.) A very enjoyable book. Farmer Giles of Ham is also included in A Tolkien Miscellany

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  1. I love Farmer Giles of Ham! Roverandom is a good one, too.

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