Freddy and the Baseball Team from Mars

Our rating: *****

Squeak-Squeak the Martian disappears from Mr. Boomschimdt’s circus. Freddy the pig is called in to find him, but even he isn’t expecting that the other Martians don’t want him to help. In disguise as an old man, Mr. Arquebus, Freddy organizes a Martian baseball team. But when Mr. Anderson, a.k.a. Mr. Eha (the dangerous house haunting real estate man of Freddy Goes Camping fame), shows up at the games, Freddy knows something’s up.

I loved this Freddy book and couldn’t put it down. Absolutely hilarious! Freddy gets to be in disguise for almost the whole story. The baseball games are funny, too. Freddy uses his favorite Irish woman disguise, as he always does in the best Freddy books. The A. B. I. returns, and that usually spells a good Freddy mystery.

4 Responses to “Freddy and the Baseball Team from Mars”

  1. This is a funny book. I like how Oscar the ostrich swallows the baseball!

  2. Hilarious! Freddy and the Baseball Team from Mars is one of Walter R. Brooks’ best!

  3. It’s me again! I definitely enjoy reading the part where Leo can’t say the letter “R”! In other words, please read this one!!

  4. I like all of Brooks Books (has a nice sound, do you think so?) I’m a Freddy Fan!

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