Freddy and the Bean Home News

Our rating: ****

Freddy’s friend at the newspaper office is fired for printing articles for the animals when a picture of Freddy is printed bigger than a picture of the town snob, Mrs. Underdunk. To get back at her, Freddy starts his own newspaper, The Bean Home News! Then Mrs. Underdunk’s brother, Herb Garble, decides to run for sheriff. While trying to win the scrap metal drive, Freddy must also try to use The Bean Home News to save his friend the sheriff in the election.

Yet another great Freddy book! I love the jail that the sheriff runs, where the prisoners are treated nicely, so that they’ll be good citizens. Freddy’s plans to win the scrap drive, his adventure as a senator of New York, and the strategies of Mr. Garble and the sheriff to win the election are very funny. If The Bean Home News was a real newspaper, I’d probably subscribe.

2 Responses to “Freddy and the Bean Home News”

  1. I like the part when Freddy pretends to be the senator.

  2. Great book! Old Whibley the owl defending Freddy in court is so funny!

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