High Rhulain

Our rating: ****½

Riggu Felis, the evil wildcat, has enslaved the otter tribes living on beautiful Green Isle. Back at Redwall, an injured bird arrives bringing news of the growing trouble at Green Isle. Tiria, a young ottermaid, receives a dream from Martin the Warrior urging her to learn all she can about the mysterious place. Along with some friends, she discovers a book containing riddles that, upon solving, provide her with the information she needs. Another dream from Martin convinces her that she must journey to Green Isle and free the otters. After traveling with shrews to Salamandastron, Tiria embarks on her quest with a reinforcement of hares to become, for the otters at Green Isle, their High Rhulain.

Hooray for the latest Redwall book! Brian Jacques did an excellent job, and I hope he continues to write Redwall books for as long as he can. Though not my favorite, High Rhulain is a great addition the growing series.

2 Responses to “High Rhulain”

  1. This was worth waiting for. Good reason to request it from the library as soon as you can.

  2. Awesome (braw) book! can’t wait for the next!

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