Lord Brocktree

Our rating: *****

Dorothea Duckfontein Dillworthy, or “Dotti,” as the hare maid prefers to be called, has had so many accidents that her family tells her to leave and go live at Salamandastron. On the way, she meets up with Lord Brocktree, the Badger Lord to be. Then an old hare from Salamandastron tells them that the current Badger Ruler, Lord Stonepaw is besieged by a gigantic hoard, led by a wildcat, Ungatt Trunn. Lord Brocktree, Dotti, Ruff the otter and a mole named Gurth set off to get help from King Bucko Bigbones.

This is another good one! All your favorite things about a Redwall book are here. Dotti is a hilarious character. You’ll love her antics! Great recovery from Legend of Luke. Going deep into the history of Salamandastron, Lord Brocktree is a definite winner.

3 Responses to “Lord Brocktree”

  1. Hilarious is not the word for it! Side-splitting would be closer, although that’s not quite what I mean either. Ungatt Trunn gives me the shivers. Him and his spiders. (shudder) The climax is sad and yet wonderful. Brian Jacques can make you smile through your tears.

  2. this is probobly my most favorite book of the redwall series. it is also probobly the most sad too. i can’t believe that lord brocktree’s father dies. jacques has the unique and wonderfull talent of making you cry one moment and then wipe away the tear and laugh and then cry all over again. i was moved eminsually and enjoyed this book alot.
    awsome book.

  3. I like the part where Dotti alters the picture that Ruff and Brocktree drew, and the three contests between King Bucko and Dotti are entertaining.

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