Mariel of Redwall

Our rating: *****

Mariel is a mouse who was captured by an evil searat named Gabool, who throws her into the sea. She survives the waves, but can’t remember who she is. Eventually, Mariel remembers Gabool’s cruelty and decides to go back and make him pay for killing her father. Joined by Dandin the mouse, Tarquin the hare and Durry the hedgehog, Mariel sets off. However, all is not quiet back at Redwall, as a boatload of Gabool’s evil hoard wash up on the shores of Mossflower…

This book sets the stage for all the books to come in many ways:

  • The Abbey babes are called Dibbuns for the first time
  • The first Badger Lord to have dreams of the future
  • Hares patrol Mossflower first in this book
  • First (but definitely not the last!) time we have searats abroad on the sea

This is a must read for any Redwall fan. Also, don’t miss The Bellmaker, the sequel to Mariel of Redwall.

3 Responses to “Mariel of Redwall”

  1. This is a book. Scrablag is very sinister, (I’m not that keen on arachnids. Especially large ones.) Gabool is crazy, (literally) and Mariel and Dandin are great warriors. Durry is fun and Tarquin, well, Tarquin’s a hare.

  2. this is totally under my favorite list. it’s one of the books that is originall yet incredibly unique. this book is so sad, i cried when Mariel and her father were reunited.

    An amazing book
    Must read.

  3. Actually, there were searats in Mossflower.

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