Our rating: *****

The evil Juskarath clan of rats, ferrets, stoats, foxes and weasels kidnap a baby otter from Redwall, believing him to be their Taggerung, a great warrior destined to lead them. But as Tagg grows, he begins to realize that the cruel, merciless ways of the clan are not for him. He leaves the clan and sets out on a quest to discover the place that he dreams of: Redwall Abbey. Meanwhile, back at Redwall, Tagg’s sister, Mhera, is faced by an increasingly confusing set of riddles.

A great Redwall book. Brian Jacques is very skilled at coming up with riddles and this is one of the best books to prove that. Taggerung makes for a very interesting main character, too. Definitely a must-read for all Redwall fans.

3 Responses to “Taggerung”

  1. Brian Jacques has another of my favorites in Taggerung.

  2. I really like this book, and strongly recommend it. Timbalisto is fun, and the action almost never stops. Cregga Rose-eyes is in this one, and things become quite interesting when vermin show up at Redwall.

  3. I don’t think Timbalisto is in this one. Do you mean Nimbalo the Slayer?

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