The Clockwork Twin

Our rating: ****

Adoniram, pronounced to rhyme with “Uncle Hiram,” lives on a farm with his uncle and aunt, who make him do all the work. Then, one day, the summerhouse is carried away by a flood, along with Adoniram. On his voyage in the summerhouse, a dog named Georgie and a English rooster called Ronald, also victims of the flood, join him. They meet Freddy the pig and Jinx the cat at a department store, in which they both took refuge in. After having a fine time eating and playing, they all set out to the Bean farm. There they find a visitor to the farm: Mr. Bean’s brother, Uncle Ben, who invents a clockwork boy named Bertram — who looks just like Adoniram! Then the animals, with the help of Mrs. Church, set out to find Georgie’s former owner, Byram.

The first book with Mrs. Church and Uncle Ben! Also, Freginald the bear, Mr. Boom, Louise the elephant, Leo the lion, etc. play a small part in this book. Very enjoyable. I’m not sure if the Georgie in this book is the same one that is in Freddy goes to Florida, so you can figure it out for yourself. Enjoy!

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