The Drackenberg Adventure

Our rating: **

Vesper Holly’s back in full force, Brinnie and all. When Vesper accepts an invitation to the Grand Duchess Maria-Sophia’s Diamond Julbilee celebration, Brinnie and Aunt Mary are swept into a whirl of adventure. Strange things are going on and Vesper is certain that Dr. Helvitius is at the bottom of it. Exploding sausages, a genuine Leonardo da Vinci portrait and a band of gypsies. This book is a credit to the Vesper Holly series.

Another great book. (I would tell you if it wasn’t.) It’s not my favorite in the Vesper Holly series, but that doesn’t make it bad. Have fun. (Look! I wrote a short comment!)…(Believe it or not)…(Believe it.)

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  1. Lloyd Alexander loves his pyrotechnics! Dynamite in the first one and now he blows up, well, maybe I shouldn’t ruin it. Anyway, big explosion.

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