The Fellowship of the Ring

Our rating: *****

Bilbo Baggins’ one-hundred and eleventh birthday is at hand, and so is the beginning of an epic adventure. Right in the middle of the his birthday party, Bilbo vanishes (with the help of his Ring) and leaves the Shire, taking very little with him. Not even the Ring, although leaving it behind was very difficult for him. But leave it he must, for Gandalf, the great wizard, is just beginning to guess at what the Ring really is and all that it has done. Soon, Frodo and some of his friends set out on a mission to destroy the Ring, for it is a dangerous and deadly thing. Their way is not smooth, as the Enemy, the Lord of the Rings, has learned that the Rings have been found, and he has sent the Ring-Wraiths, his terrible servants, to find the One Ring.

This series is so cool! They are also very hard to write a summary for, so you’ll just have to read the book. There are so many details, characters and parts that would completely give away parts of the book. These stories are such an experience to read. In fact, when I first read the Lord of the Rings series, I made the mistake of reading all three books in, let me see, two and a half days, I think it was. I had to go back and read them again because my brain was on overload. I put the books under my bed where I couldn’t see them for a while, then re-read them. The Fellowship of the Ring is a wonderful book. Adventures, narrow escapes, fun characters, poetry, mysterious happenings, strange beings, well, I find it hard to “read” these books. I “experience” them, and I hope you’ll love them too.

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4 Responses to “The Fellowship of the Ring”

  1. Very good book. The recent movie cut Tom Bombadill and the Barrow Wites.

  2. One thing I forgot to mention, Ruth and I have both listened to the Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings series on audio, read by Rob Inglis, and it is excellent. We haven’t seen the movies, but Mr. Inglis does a wonderful job, and I will always hear the characters as he portrays them.

  3. these are absolutely my most FAVORITE books on earth and actually I’m reading the fellowship of the ring right now…its SO good i recommend these books to everyone! i haven’t heard the Rob Inglis audio version, but i have heard the Fellowship of the Ring from the BBC Radio Drama and let me tell you it was fantastic! (though it cut out tom bombadil and th barrow wights *sniffle) it was still great i loved it!

  4. It was hard getting through the first half of the Fellowship, as it’s written like a history book instead of a fantasy…but it gets a lot more engaging. I agree, the movie was worse for cutting out poor T.B. … and Frodo, in the book, is an old man! That is one area where I think Peter Jackson changed and went unscathed in my mind.

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