The Merry Adventures of Robin Hood

Our rating: *****

Robin Hood is an outlaw for shooting the king’s deer and killing one of the king’s men. This is the story of his life as an outlaw with his merry men. They all live in Sherwood Forest and try to correct the evils done by the Sheriff of Nottingham and the greedy clergy. There’s Little John, Will Scarlet, Will Stutley, Friar Tuck and Allan a Dale, stout yeomen all. An enjoyable story of daring deeds and true friendship.

I really enjoyed The Merry Adventures of Robin Hood. A clever story with wonderful humor and valorous characters (except the bad ones; they’re bad all through). The old English is hard to understand at first, but, as thou gettest deeper into the story, ye find thyself speaking it quite merrily. (See?) This book is a lot better if you hear it on audiobook, so I will include a link to it. Buy The Merry Adventures of Robin Hood, read by David Case from Amazon.

3 Responses to “The Merry Adventures of Robin Hood”

  1. I absolutely recomend this book. I prefer Howard Pyle’s version, but the story itself is great. Robin Hood is a classic! All the adventures, the way they talk, the way the characters seem so amazing, then they make a mistake, (it just gives you a little brighter side to life: Robin Hood got beat in a bout at quarter-staves!) In Howard Pyle’s version, (unfortunately) Robin Hood’s death is very depressing (and kind of messy). Please read this book and enjoy. A quick warning: the way they talk canst rub off upon thee! (see?)

  2. Which movie? I believe Disney made at least two movies. One was animated, and one was live action. I’ve heard that the live action one was much better.

  3. Disney made a movie of it, but it’s not at all very close to the book.

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