The Two Towers

Our rating: *****

The quest of Frodo to destroy the Ring of power continues. Frodo and Sam head for Mordor as Aragorn and the others travel toward Gondor. As the Ring comes nearer to Mordor, its power only increases. Employing the guiding services of Gollum against Sam’s will, Frodo must enter Mordor, dodging Sauron’s spies and mercenaries.

This being the middle part of The Lord of the Rings, the plot only thickens. More scary creatures enter the scene, and the Ring’s hold over Frodo grows greater still. The battle of Helms Deep is my favorite part. The movie adds several things, but the one I found the worst was the addition of an army of elves at Helms Deep. The Two Towers continues to be a very good book. I echo Rebekah’s sentiments that you must experience these books.

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2 Responses to “The Two Towers”

  1. its too bad about all the stuff added into the two towers during the movies…and i agree about the elves! and there were WAY more men in helms deep not just 200! anyways yeah the book is great read it before you watch the movie! ;)

  2. […] if you read the other two). My absolute favorite of the whole trilogy. The movie uses the end of The Two Towers as the beginning of The Return of the King. If you watch the extended version, just about […]

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