Dorothy and the Wizard in Oz

Our rating: ****

Dorothy, her cat Eureka, a horse named Jim and Dorothy’s cousin Zeb are caught in an earthquake and fall into the depths of the earth. They find themselves in a strange country, where the people are vegetables. While the vegetable people are deciding what to do with them, Dorothy’s old friend, the Wizard of Oz, falls from the sky in his balloon. He joins them in an attempt to escape the vegetable people and get back to the surface of the earth. But they may have to journey to Oz.

I didn’t like this one quite as much. It’s only the fourth in the series, and as you read through the whole series, it gets a little better. About two thirds of this book is about the journey to Oz, and the rest is about what they do when they get there. It’s a fun story, but I enjoyed the fifth book The Road to Oz a lot better.

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  1. I haven’t read this one for a long time. Maybe I’ll check it out at the library sometime soon.

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