Journey to Freedom

Our rating: ****

Chip, the youngest in a family of white-feet, is told by Silver the prophet that he will be a great soldier. Eventually, Chip commands a part of soldiers called the Rag-Tags. The Rag-Tags are Ben, Singer, Budger, Trooper (a short-tailed shrew), Peedee and, of course, Chip. Join the white-feet as they fight against the brown rats and the Dread Deliverer, and as eventually most of them sail West.

This is a sort of allegory. I’d probably suggest it for 7 or 8 and up. Half of the Rag-Tags eventually die, but it’s still a pretty good book. This is the only book by Gilbert Morris I’ve read yet.

2 Responses to “Journey to Freedom”

  1. I haven’t read this, but does anybody know if it’s like Redwall? The review makes it sound like it.

  2. Sorry, I can’t read Redwall yet, and I’m the only one in our family who’s read Journey to Freedom so far.

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