Peter Pan

Our rating: ***

Wendy, John and Michael, three children living in London, are enticed to the Neverland one night by the rather conceited Peter Pan. Upon arriving in the Neverland, they are spotted by pirates, who fire a cannon at them. No one is hurt, but they are separated. Wendy is led to the home of the Lost Boys by the jealous Tinkerbell, with very disastrous results. Later, Wendy becomes the pretend mother of the Lost Boys. During a story that Wendy tells, Peter Pan reveals a secret. What he says convinces Wendy that she must take her siblings home. Unfortunately, the pirates have a different plan.

This book was a little confusing to me sometimes. There is at least one sentence that made no sense until I had read almost to the end of the chapter. The writing style is different from what I normally see. J. M. Barrie wrote as if he was telling the story out loud to someone. This book also started out as a play, that may account for the writing style. A few more things. Almost everybody knows of the Disney version of Peter Pan. It is a lot different from the book. They basically made up their own story and kept the character names. I have heard that there is another Peter Pan movie that is closer to the book. But I haven’t seen it and so I can’t compare it here. This book is enjoyable, though not a must-read.

2 Responses to “Peter Pan”

  1. I didn’t think Peter Pan was hard to understand at all. I’d say it’s a must read, and probably rate it four stars.

  2. This is one of my favorite books. There’s just something about it that “clicks” with me. It has something for everyone. I will always have a special place in my heart for this book.

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