Sky Island

Our rating: *****

When Trot, Cap’n Bill and Button Bright go for a ride on their magic umbrella, they accidentally end up on Sky Island where they are taken as slaves for Boolooroo, king of the Blueskins. They must escape, find the umbrella and the book of records to prove that the cruel Boolooroo has tricked his subjects by ruling for a longer time than he is allowed. They have reason to believe that the Pinkies inhabiting the other side of the island would aid them in overthrowing the king, but the island is separated by an impassable fog barrier.

Although this book has nothing to do with Oz, it’s written in the same manner that the well-beloved Oz books are. It has many hilarious word plays and makes a great read-aloud. I think this story proves that L. Frank Baum’s imagination truly has no limits. He’s created a Sky Island “somewhere over the rainbow” that readers of all ages can enjoy.

2 Responses to “Sky Island”

  1. An enjoyable book!

  2. I haven’t read this but from the review I’m planing to.

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