The El Dorado Adventure

Our rating: ***

Vesper and Brinnie discover that Vesper’s late father had willed her a piece of property containing a volcano. Vesper’s disappointed that it’s not a live volcano, but a telegram from the mysterious Alain de Rochefort demands their presence in Puerto Palmas. The adventure that follows is in true Vesper Holly fashion, complete with Brinnie’s escapades and the sinister Dr. Helvitius.

The second book in the Vesper Holly series is better than the first. Dr. Helvitius is, if possible, even more evil than in the first book. Vesper remains her fearless self, and Brinnie retains his bumbling. It’s another exciting book from Lloyd Alexander, featuring oar-swinging El Dorado Natives, imprisonment, revenge, and events that only Vesper Holly would want to be in the center of!

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