The Iron Ring

Our rating: ***

Tamar receives a night visit from Jaya, a mighty ruler. Jaya’s only pastime is the gambling game of aksha. So, Tamar plays to please his guest. But Jaya bets his life against Tamar’s and Tamar loses. Charging him to come to his palace in Mahapura, where he will claim his debt, Jaya vanishes. Driven by a sense of dharma, or honor, Tamar seeks Mahapura and finds many strange adventures on the way.

I believe that Lloyd Alexander’s best books are his Chronicles of Prydain, which start with The Book of Three. The Iron Ring was pretty good and contained much of the morals that Alexander’s other books hold. Tamar is from India, so a lot of the mythology is from Indian legend. Animals talk, magic gems abound and things are not always as they seem.

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