The Phantom Tollbooth

Our rating: ****

Milo hates to do anything. Wherever he is, he is always wishing to be somewhere else. Then one day, he finds a box with a tollbooth inside. He gets out his toy car that he can ride in and drives through, deposits his coins and picks a spot on the map at random. Milo is not in his room anymore, but in the city of Dictionopolis, where words are in high esteem. Joined by Tok, the Watchdog whose watch only says “tik”; and the Humbug, a giant insect, he sets out on a quest to rescue the princesses Reason and Rhyme from their captors in Mountains of Ignorance.

I love this book. The story is witty and humorous. Word plays abound, which makes it hard to read aloud, but all in all, a great story.

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  1. I think I’ll check this one out sometime soon and read it again.

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