Black Gold

Our rating: ****

When Al Hoots buys the little, young mare, U-See-It, he feels sure that, even though she lost a race, she will become a great race horse. Once U-See-It comes into her strength, she wins many races, until an incident at a claiming race bans her and Al from all race tracks. Al decides to preserve her speed in her colt, Black Gold. Al doesn’t live to see Black Gold, but his wife, Rosa, carries out his wishes, and an old friend of Al’s, Hanley Webb, becomes Black Gold’s trainer. All are striving to reach a final goal: to have Black Gold win the Kentucky Derby.

The other plot in this book is about Jaydee Mooney, a young boy who knows horses. Jaydee has been training to be a jockey, and when he sees Black Gold race, he decides that he wants to ride Black Gold in the Kentucky Derby. This is a good book. I will warn you, however, that the ending is sad, and you feel bad for Mr. Webb, but this book is not to be missed.

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