The Light Princess

Our rating: ****

The king and queen have no children, and this makes the king angry. Then the queen has a lovely daughter, but at the christening, an evil witch casts a spell on the child, making her as light as air. Ever since that day, the princess has no gravity. The king’s advisors have a plan to make the princess become normal: she must get married. But how can they get a prince to fall in love with a floating princess? And how can a princess with no gravity fall into anything?

George MacDonald must have I-Can’t-Think-Of-Names-For-My-Characters Syndrome. The king, queen, princess, and prince don’t have names at all; and the characters that are named have names like Clanrunfort! This makes this book all the more fun, though. Highly recommended. The illustrator, Maurice Sendak, also wrote and illustrated Where the Wild Things Are and Pierre.

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