Dirk’s Dog, Bello

Our rating: ***

A boy named Dirk lives in the town of Weirom. One day, an English ship wrecks and Dirk saves a dog, whom he names Bello. Bello then belongs to him by the right of the sea. But how will he and his family afford to feed the enormous dog? And will the English come and claim the saved timbers of their ship — and Bello?

A pretty good book. At one point I was a bit confused as to whether Dirk was running on land or sea, and if he was running in the sea, how he had gone out so far… but I got it figured out. Dirk’s Dog, Bello is written somewhat like a movie script — mostly in present tense. Also, if you take a look at the first couple pages, or the first one, you may think it is probably somewhat boring. However, there is adventure in this book! Though it’s probably not as adventureish as a Narnia book, it still has some action. I’m not sure whether this book would be All Ages or Younger Readers (which is <13). I went ahead and rated it All Ages. This is a rather long review for me, isn’t it? Enjoy!

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  1. The illustrator of this book is Kurt Wiese, illustrator of the Freddy the Pig series! You can check out our Book Tips page for information on finding out of print books.

  2. That’s interesting. Maurice Sendak is the usual illustrator for DeJong. I didn’t know Wiese illustrated for him, too.

  3. Right. Maurice Sendak often illustrates Meindert DeJong’s books. I think this is the only book by Meindert Dejong that Kurt Wiese illustrates, but I’m not sure.

  4. I read ‘The Weel On The School’ illistrated by Maurice Sendak and loved it. I hope this will be just as good.

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