A Nose for Trouble

Our rating: *****

Tom Rainse has just returned to Tanner’s Mountain, and things are much different from when he left. New game laws limit how much hunting you can do, and poachers are everywhere. Threatened by a poacher named The Black Elk, Tom becomes a game warden. Along with Smoky, the bloodhound his friend Bill Tolliver gave him, Tom must track down The Black Elk and stop the poaching once and for all.

Here’s a thriller with something for everybody. The mystery has several twists and turns, the ending is unexpected, and the characters are great. For those of you who won’t read A Nose for Trouble unless I say so, this book is far from being about the dog! It’s very much about the people in the mountains, and their choices to obey or disobey the new hunting laws. Sadly, this book is out of print, but your local library may have it.

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