Farmer Boy

Our rating: ****

This book, the third in the Laura Ingalls Wilder series, tells about Almanzo Wilder’s life while growing up on a farm. Almanzo lives with his father and mother, his brother, Royal, and his two sisters, Eliza Jane and Alice, and between them they have a wonderful time. Including Almanzo’s pig, Lucy, who gets her mouth stuck shut with candy, and Almanzo’s breaking in two calves, Star and Bright. Through all their adventures Almanzo is very taken with one of his father’s horses, a young colt which Almanzo calls Starlight, but his father doesn’t allow him to try to break in Starlight because Almanzo is too young, but Almanzo is determined to grow up enough to have a colt of his very own.

There’s so much fun stuff in this book. It amazes me how many things they had to do in one day! There’s humor galore in this book, one of my favorites being during sheep-shearing time. Please read this book. You don’t want to miss it!

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