Wild Trek

Our rating: ****

Nobody has ever gone into the Caribou mountains and lived to tell the tale. Recently, Trigg Antray, a naturalist looking for albino moose, and his pilot crashed and radioed for help. Constable John Murdock has a broken arm and can’t go after them. And so Link Stevens and his dog Chiri are on the job. He finds the two lost men without much trouble, but Antray is injured, and when they try rafting back to civilization, the pilot takes all their gear and leaves them behind. With only some fishing line and a jackknife, Link and Trigg must survive where no man has succeeded.

This is the sequel to Snow Dog, although it could stand on its own. Wild Trek is somewhat better than its predecessor. There are a number of exciting points, and it’s amazing what Link and Trigg do to survive.

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