The House of Sixty Fathers

Our rating: ****

Tien Pao and his family have left their old village in China because of the invading Japanese. They come to the town of Hengyang and there Tien Pao’s mother and father work all day at an airfield, leaving Tien Pao alone in the sampan. On only the second day at Hengyang, the stake securing the sampan to the shore comes loose because of a small herd of water buffaloes and Tien Pao is swept down the river, back to the Japanese-held territory.

This is another great book by DeJong. DeJong describes everything from Tien Pao’s viewpoint. English, for example, is described as the “Strange language of the Americans.” One note, because this book is set during WWII, there are some rather scary parts, so keep that in mind if you are considering reading this.

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