The Princess and the Goblin

Our rating: *****

Princess Irene finds her great-great-grandmother and eventually the princess gets a ring from her that will lead her to her great-great-grandmother, also called Irene. One day, Princess Irene and her nurse go for a walk up the mountain and don’t realize how late it was until it’s almost dark. The nurse panics, because it’s against the king’s orders to be out after dark, since the night was the goblins’ day and there were many of the creatures in the mountain, and they began running down the mountain. They met Curtie, a miner’s brave boy, who rescued them from any dangers of goblins by rhyming verses, which is one way of defeating goblins.

Great book! I didn’t stay away from this book very much! I started it last night and finished it a little earlier today. I found out there’s a sequel to this book called The Princess and Curdie. Also, let me tell you that the summary I wrote is definitely not all the plot!!! There’s a bunch to this book. Adventures, rescue, and magic. This book might not be best for readers about 7 or 8 and under, depending on how easily you’re scared. Though there are some big-words-that-I-wasn’t-sure-what-they-meant in The Princess and the Goblin, this is still a good book!

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  1. I like this story a lot too.

  2. Guess what – the book I’m balancing on my head in my Incredibooks picture is the Princess and the Goblin!

  3. […] a year after the events in The Princess and the Goblin, Curdie is sent by the older princess Irene to the city of Gwyntystorm, where the king and his […]

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