The Hawk that Dare Not Hunt by Day

Our rating: ****

Tom Barton and his Uncle Jack, (owner of the trading ship, The Black Pearl) are smugglers during the early 1500’s. During a course of events, they begin secretly carrying William Tyndale’s bibles into England. Eventually, Tom becomes friends with Tyndale and is taught to read, but danger follows in their footsteps. Herbert Belsy, a searcher, is lurking about, and Tom and his Uncle Jack are playing a dangerous game. Can Tom ever realize his dream of owning his own ship? Is William Tyndale in danger? And who does The Black Pearl really belong to?

I enjoyed this book. It’s interesting and the characters are very realistic. It gave me insight into what times were like in Tyndale’s day. I recommend this book – especially if you’re studying the early 1500’s.

5 Responses to “The Hawk that Dare Not Hunt by Day”

  1. Hey, William Tyndale! I read a book about him for schoolwork pretty recently!

  2. I just read a chapter on William Tyndale and the name of the book is Famous Men of the Renaissance and Reformation.

  3. we are reading this book in school!

  4. im reading this book now and its very confusing but pretty good

  5. i just finished reading this book for school.
    it was reallly good.. i enjoyed it . hahah zach . iwonder if thats the zach in my class lol . cause half the classss got the other book.

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