Rainbow Valley

Our rating: ****½

The Meredith family has come to live at St. Glen’s Point, but as Mrs. Meredith died long ago, and Mr. Meredith is busy with his duty as the new minister, the Meredith children, Jerry, Una, Faith, and Carl have to look after themselves. As a result, they’re almost always getting into trouble, although half the time it’s more of an accident than anything else. They do their best to raise themselves (even forming a Good Conduct club), but most people think things would be better for everyone if Mr. Meredith were to marry again…

The seventh in the Anne of Green Gables series, Rainbow Valley focuses more on the Merediths, than the Ingleside children. The many escapades of the Meredith children can be quite funny, along with the part where a young couple comes to the manse to be married, and Mr. Meredith, who can be rather absent-minded at times, begins the ceremony and gets to “Ashes to ashes and dust to dust,” before he vaguely realizes that he’s performing a funeral, not a wedding.

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