Wildlife Cameraman

Our rating: ****

Jase Mason plans to spend the summer in the wilderness with his Airedale terrier, Buckles, and his cameras in an attempt to fulfill his dream of becoming a famous wildlife photographer. While they’re there, however, they experience a run-in with a well-known poacher, the Cat Bird, and, with the help of Tom Rainse, they have to track down him down and deal with a huge, renegade black bear.

I enjoyed this one more than I had expected to. Wildlife Cameraman provides a good look at just how much work went into taking a picture. After all, this book is from the 1950s, and using a camera required more than just pushing a button, as it does today. Now, I may have rated this one more than most people because I like wildlife and I like cameras, but I do recommend it. As a note, this is the same Tom Rainse and Jase Mason in A Nose for Trouble and Hidden Trail

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