The Sleeping Giant and Other Stories

Our rating: ****

Three fun stories in one book by Eleanor Estes. The first story is about the Sleeping Giant (three hills) and how it leaves and lies down in the ocean on the International Date Line. The next story is about a girl who lost her shadow. There’s a part in that one that I don’t appreciate, though. And the last story is about a giraffe named Gloria who, unknown to everyone but the occupants’ little girl, lives in a living room after escaping from the zoo.

The Sleeping Giant story is rather fun, because when he lays across the International Date Line, half of him is in today and half of him is in yesterday. So the people living on him move back to yesterday if they wish to avoid something like a dentist appointment.

2 Responses to “The Sleeping Giant and Other Stories”

  1. Don’t appreciate as in don’t get it, or don’t appreciate as in it’s not good?

  2. As in not good.

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