Shepherds Abiding

Our rating: *****

Christmas is coming, and Father Tim is hard at work. Percy and Velma, owners of The Grill, have decided to permanently close on Christmas Eve, Mitford’s suffering from a flu bug, and Father Tim has found a new project. He discovered an old, dilapidated nativity set and decided to re-plaster and paint it for Cynthia’s Christmas present. Meanwhile, Hope is debating whether or not to keep the Happy Endings book store open, or move to Florida, Lew Boyd is missing his wife, and Uncle Billy is trying to figure out what to give Rose for Christmas. Things are wrapping up nicely, but when Father Tim accidentally drops one of the angels, shattering it, he feels that he has let everyone down. Little does he know how God will turn the situation into a blessing.

As always, the Mitford books are hard to write reviews for. You just can’t describe them without using up pages of paper! I enjoyed this one a lot. Uncle Billy is so funny and sweet!

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  1. I read this one. Very interesting!


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