Emily of New Moon

Our rating: ****

Emily Starr’s father has just died and Emily has to get adopted by one of her many Murray relations. The Murrays are very prideful and consider it their duty to adopt Emily. Emily is taken to New Moon with her Aunt Laura, Aunt Elizabeth and Cousin Jimmy. Aunt Laura and Cousin Jimmy learn to love Emily, but Aunt Elizabeth is very stern and, as Emily thinks, unfair. Life is hard for Emily until Aunt Laura gives her some old “letter-bills” to write on. Then she can write away her free time. Emily also makes the acquaintance of Ilse, the doctor’s daughter, Perry, the New Moon hired boy and Teddy Kent.

Okay…This book is rather hard to sum up because there is so much to it. Emily’s logic can be rather funny sometimes as can her adventures. I like the descriptions of how Emily feels when she writes because I feel the same way when I write. Emily of New Moon is worth reading even if it is a long story.

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