Out of the Silent Planet

Our rating: ****

This fantastical book starts off with a bang when Ransom, the hero of the story, is kidnapped by two scientists, who force him on a spaceship they have created and whisk him away to Malacandra, the red planet. On the trip, Ransom finds out that they believe he is to be a sort of a human sacrifice for an unknown terror. Upon arriving, though, he manages to escape and sets off on the journey of a lifetime.

Lewis’ descriptions of Malacandra are absoultely mind-boggling. Little things that turn what you know as reality to something quite… well, different. Nothing seems the same. The plot is good, and continues to draw you in until the climax. Out of the entire trilogy, though, I liked this one the least. But it sets the stage for the other two, and is certainly not a waste of time.

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