Web Jam

Our rating: *****

Ashley and Austin Webster are finally out of the World Wide Web and life is going on normal back at Normal, Illinois – well, not really. The Chiddix Junior High School is holding an annual Young Vocalist Competition, and Ashley is one of the top ten finalists that have a chance at winning the prize: a spot in the televised national Young Vocalist Competition, and a pro Yamaha keyboard. Only a while before it’s her turn to sing, Ashley is accidentally sucked back into the Internet, and Aunt Jessi persuades Austin to send her after the girl. Austin tries to find them both and get them out, but the “perfect” Tucker Campbell, a girl competing for the prize, is out to make sure Ashley doesn’t get back in time.

This book doesn’t have any of the series’ main bad guys, but I still found it enjoyable. The ending is perhaps actually a bit different from one you may predict. I like Jessi and Ashley’s adventures on the web. The online concert is rather fun.

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