Pollyanna Grows Up

Our rating: ***½

Nearly all healed from her automobile accident, Pollyanna is about thirteen now. Della Wetherby asks her to stay with Miss Wetherby’s sister, Mrs. Carew, while Aunt Polly and Dr. Chilton are in Germany. After some painful family experiences, including the loss of a nephew named Jamie, Mrs. Carew has shut herself into a gloomy, dark world. Pollyanna goes to Boston and cheers up Mrs. Carew before going with her aunt and uncle on another trip to Europe. During the six years abroad, however, Dr. Chilton dies and it seems as if there will be hard times ahead for the young woman who is still playing her Glad Game.

Whew. There’s a lot of plot to this book. Pollyanna Grows Up is a little more adult than the previous book, Pollyanna, as it focuses more on love and marriage. It’s a little funny because just about everybody thinks that the person they love loves somebody else. Anyway, there’s a subplot going on with the lost Jamie that I barely mentioned in the review. There’s a lot to this book and it might make for a long review if I tried to stuff it all into one. But although somewhat different from the first book, Pollyanna is still herself. I enjoyed this book. The plot, though perhaps a little predictable, ends well.

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