Love Comes Softly

Our rating: ****

Starting a journey West with the man she loves, Marty’s dream is shattered, just like that. Her husband is killed and she is left with practically nothing. Expecting a child and nowhere to turn, her only choice is to accept a proposal from Clark Davis, a man she does not know. Their marriage is for convenience only — his wife died, leaving him with a young girl who needs a mother, and Marty needs shelter and protection for the coming months. This first book in the series follows Marty through her initial hatred of her circumstances to her acceptance of her surroundings and Clark… Maybe even love.

I’d heard of Janette Oke’s books on several occasions and finally decided to give one a try. I read Love Comes Softly in a single afternoon and enjoyed it quite a bit. The story moves along swiftly, without feeling rushed. The scenes are simply written, but have deep meaning. There are eight books total in this series, continuing the story of Marty and the following generations. I have linked to a complete boxed set.

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