The Door Within

Our rating: ****½

Aidan Thomas has just moved to Colorado and is friendless once again. While exploring his grandfather’s basement one day, he discovers three mysterious scrolls that beckon him to enter another realm. He takes the plunge and finds himself in the land of Alleble, where he has been chosen to be the Twelfth Knight of the King’s Elder Guard. Aidan’s training is swift and the twelve knights set out on their mission to warn the kingdom of Mithegard against allying with the evil Paragor, the betrayer from long ago.

Adventure, excitment, and the battle between good and evil! A decidedly enjoyable story, and while I found many parts predictable, it didn’t take away from the plot at all. It is easy to relate to (and sometimes chuckle at) poor Aidan and his mishaps, and a strong allegorical thread runs through the entire book. (And it might be noted that this is one of the few fantasies I have read that actually includes unicorns in addition to dragons!)

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  1. This is one of my favorite books! The modern kids slip into their medieval surroundings much better than a few have in recent fantasy novels, and the allegories are awesome. There is one rather wasteful chapter, though; be warned!

  2. The Door Within is a fantasy novel geared towards teenagers, but great reading for anyone! It is about a boy named Aiden Thomas who’s just waiting for an adventure to happen. When he is called by King Eliam (a character representing God) to Alleble, he must learn what it takes to be a believer and to remain strong in the most dire circumstances. The book is a fast read, but full of adventure. It is an allegory of Christian Faith, but even if you are not a believer, you will enjoy this book. I’d recommend the Door Within to anyone looking for a great fantasy novel.

  3. I have certainly read my fair share of fantasy books, but none have captured my imagination and attention so much as Sir Wayne’s Door Within Trilogy. Not only was the plot brilliantly-woven and entertaining, it held amazing lessons that even now have effect on my life. I doubt I would so often make the choice to believe if I had not read Mr. Batson’s books. Please do yourself a favor and buy these books. They changed my life; dig deep and they can change yours, too.

  4. The Door Within is the start of an amazing trilogy. It’s a must read for anyone who likes fantasy.

  5. This book is by far one of the best books i have ever read in my lifetime. This book stars of a young boy name Aidan Thomas who is very miserable at his new home. At his new home he discovers three ancient scrolls in which he travels to another world called The Realm. Aidan now is able to be free he has been called by King Elaim to go on a mission. Aidan faces the training of Capitan Valithor. Once he finishes his training he is able to become a night and fulfill his mission. Will Aidan be able to embark on his mission and choose between good and evil? Will he be able to risk everything and trust the unseen King Elaim. Buy this book and find out…

  6. I had wanted to read these books for months, and when I finally did, I was not at all disappointed. Wayne Thomas Batson’s amazing trilogy completely lived up to all of my expectations, and just a few pages into the first book I was flying through the pages, barely able to put it down. Mr. Batson creates a stupendous new world that any fantasy lover can entirely identify with as he weaves the stories from outside of Earth and the beginning of history into an extraordinary reality. If you have any inclination at all towards fantasy of any kind, make sure that you don’t miss out on Wayne Batson’s epic illustration of how we are Never Alone.

  7. The Door Within trilogy is a great series packed with action! In the first book, Aidan Thomas is not very happy when he has to move in with his grandpa. When his grandpa tells him about another world, Aidan is skeptical at first, but then later finds out that it does indeed exist when he is called to the Realm, the name of the other world. Aidan Thomas is trained in Alleble, then is sent off with the other 11 knights to go and hopefully thwart the evil Paragor’s plans. This is a great book and I am giving it 5 out of 5 stars!

  8. The Door Within is the first in a trilogy of fantasy books for middle-age readers. If your kids are fans of C.S. Lewis’s The Chronicles of Narnia, they (and maybe even you) will probably love these books as well. The story is not too hard to follow, but is still masterfully woven together. The characters are very lovable and reading about their friendly antics is quite entertaining. It has great moral lessons and doesn’t include the inappropriate material other books in this age group may have. The spiritual undertones in the book can be very much appreciated by believers, and maybe get unbelievers asking questions about God. This book is a wonderful fantasy tale that’s perfect for kids from middle school to adult!

  9. The Door Within is a great start to this series of fantasy books. I would recommend it to everyone! Wayne Thomas Batson has out done himself! In one word: ‘WOW!’.

  10. Aiden Thomas is heart broken. His family has moved away from everything he’s ever known—including his one and only friend Robby—to take care of a grandfather Aiden thinks belongs in an ‘Old Folks Home’… until he finds the scrolls in his grandfather’s basement. They change his life, and show him how to enter The Door Within. With Wayne Thomas Batson’s fast-paced, action packed, writing style and incredible characters, you’ll need to cancel school the next day… then sprint to the nearest bookstore and grab the next two books in this trilogy.

  11. The Door Within is an awesome-must-read-kind-of book! You’ll meet amazing characters, go on spectacular adventures, and all you have to do is turn pages and let your imagination run wild! The Door Within is definitely on my “Best Books in the World” list.

  12. Door Within

    The Door Within starts us on a three part adventure that takes us into our memories and our imaginations. The characters are so dynamic and well articulated, you can’t help to hope to meet them some day. Encapsulating an awesome message that takes place in this wonderful and beautifully crafted world. We begin by embarking with Aidin on an adventure that will pull him out or our world, and you will be thrilled as you go with him. He must endure a struggle within himself and against the villain Paragory. This book will take you up and down, and everywhere in between. It is a well written exciting adventure for middle aged children and up.

  13. If you can read a book countless times and love it more each time, then you know its good. The Door Within is one of those books. The adventure of Aidan Thomas in The Realm is full of different emotions that really brings the reader into the story. I cried when Paragor burned the innocent people of Alleble in the fountain. I laughed over the lantern spider incident. I shivered when he traversed Falon’s labyrinth. I rejoiced when he saved Gwenne. This book has impacted me in many ways and I will always remember it as the best book I ever read. And it’s great for all ages. Well done Mr. Batson.

  14. Personally I think this book is the most solid book in T.D.W. trilogy. So i would advise readers to start with this book first to really understand the series.

  15. An action packed, adventurous book is The Door Within by Wayne Thomas Batson. The book is about a boy named Adian who after finding the scrolls is transported to the mythical land of Alleble where he trains to become a brave knight. However, things aren’t all as great as they seem. Paragor, the great betrayer, is on the move with his Paragory black knights. To make matters worse, every human has a Glimpse twin. This unfortunately means if one dies the other dies too. Aidan and a group of eleven other knights, including his crush Gwenne, are going to try to protect the neighboring city from the black knights. This thrilling adventure is only the first one in the trilogy. If you read the book, you will feel yourself bonding with characters such as Nock, Bolt, Aidan, Gwenne, and King Eilam the everlasting. I know I enjoyed this book and I hope you do to. Read the book and emerge yourself into the land of knights, dragons, and the seven fountains.

  16. When I first recieved this book for my birthday, I did not think I would enjoy it… Wow, was I wrong!
    When I read, I felt I was there in Alleble with Aidan Thomas.
    I enjoyed the Door Within from the very first page.

    I would love to tell everyone all about it but, I don’t want to give away anything! (:

  17. The Door Within was seemingly written with two large goals in mind: the first would be to absolutely enthrall young readers with action, adventure, and the ever-deepening courage of someone their own age. Many young people have thought “wouldn’t it have been cool to be a knight” or to turn from everything you’ve ever known to an adventure that few believed was real; this books tells that story. The second goal was to challenge the reader to truly examine what they believe in by drawing age-appropriate parallels between the main character and the reader. This goal was readily accomplished, as well, as the main character, Aidan, is real enough and each of us could identify with the various aspects of his personality.

    While reading the book, I found it very difficult not to compare it with The Hobbit and The Chronicles of Narnia. As this book falls into the same genre as those two, I was pleased to say that while this relationship was easy to see, it stands alone and cannot be confused with either. As I was related to one of my student’s parents, “it is a great book that is kind of a hybrid between the two; it takes the elements of each that make them great and creates a new work that you must force yourself to put down.” I had one parent tell me that she and her daughter were reading the book before bedtime. When the child left the room, she confessed to reading ahead after her daughter was in bed. She had even gone to the bookstore and purchased the Rise of the Wyrm Lord and The Final Storm and was not going to feel bad about reading ahead, even if she had to do it in secret.

    Regarding the spiritual nature of the book, I can say that there is definitely a good message about using the gifts that one has been given for the benefit of mankind. Throughout the book, there are countless occurrences of self-sacrifice and other spiritually-sound happenings. When I turned the final page, I was saddened that it was over, but excited about what was to come. That sense, too, is aligned with a person’s spiritual journey through real life. The book is incredibly well-written by an author who is not afraid to write outside the box.

    Age recommendations:
    Children reading the book alone: 11 years
    Children reading with a parent: 9 years

    Faith affirming/spiritual message (1-10):
    9 – The book seems to be written with the intention of challenging the reader to examine his beliefs.

    Overall Rating (1-10 scale):
    9 – Lots of action, lots of intense self-examination by the protagonist makes for a read that is difficult to set aside.

    Would you find this in my personal library?
    ABSOLUTELY! It has a permanent place in my bookshelf.

    Would you find this in my classroom library?
    Yes. It is a good piece of literature that might help a struggling young person through life’s ever-present difficulties.

  18. The Door Within is a well-written fantasy; a great debut by Wayne Thomas Batson. This may very well be my favorite book in the trilogy. I read a chapter, maybe two, and I was hooked on the series. Fast-paced fantasy action, realistic characters, and a majestic fantasy world that is expanded on in the later two books make this a great book for all ages! When I was reading the series, I could not get my hands on the books fast enough!

  19. When Aidan Thomas and his family have to move halfway across the country to care for his aging grandfather, the disgruntled teenager knows that life will never be the same. What he doesn’t know is exactly how different life will be. The discovery in the basement of mysterious scrolls with a fascinating but unfinished story leads Aidan to seek the Door Within and travel to a world of noble knights and fair maidens. In The Realm, he learns more of the story found in the scrolls and faces the choice that will define his life forever—follow King Eliam or Paragor the Usurper.

    Some of the characters are rather broadly drawn so that they seem rather exaggerated and thus unrealistic, but they are delightful nonetheless. Captain Valithor, Sentinel of Alleble, employs hilarious adjectives as he urges those in his charge to work harder. One fun thing about the characthers is the way their build and temperaments tend to mirror their weapons. Archer brothers Nock and Bolt are slight and quick, while hammer-wielding Mallik is built like a rock.

    In this adventurous tale full of truth and treachery, rambunctious and hilarious characters, Aidan learns what it means to never be alone. Though written for Junior High and early High Schoolers, the story contains enough depth to satisfy an older reader while remaining simple enough for children many years younger. “The Door Within” is sure to delight any reader of adventure and fantasy.

  20. The great author Wayne Thomas Batson wrote this enchanting, breathtaking book named The Door Within.
    While captivating the reader, the book spins a web to a well thought out world.

    In this book we find Aidan, a frustrated 15-year-old boy who has reluctantly moved to a different state with his parents to take care of his sick grandpa. He soon finds a way into a whole new world Alleble.
    Aidan must train to become the twelfth knight of Alleble and defeat the evil Paragor.

    I strongly recommend this book to anyone who likes fantasy.

  21. Wow. This book is great. Enough battles and peril to satisfy the adventure-lover, enough secrets to satisfy the mystery-lover, and enough coolness to satisfy the… well, cool-lover!

    All around great. Granted, some might see it as “just another fantasy book”, but it most certainly has characteristics that distinguish it from others in its genre.

    For instance, there is an unlikely connection between Earth and The Realm… but I won’t spoil that for you. :-D Also, there is a good dose of Biblical allegory, enough to inspire and appeal to Christian readers, yet not so much that the books would be termed “preachy” by most non-Christians. It would still be a marvelous book even without these themes.

    This is also a welcome addition to the book world because, by almost all standards, it is clean. I have tried many other fantasy tales and been sorely disappointed by inappropriate words and references.

    This book is emotional, as well. Beloved characters die, yet even in those times, there is hope…

    I will mention that its main downside would be, in my opinion, the fact that there were a grammar issues that I found distracting. Nonetheless, I enjoyed the plot and characters so much that I still am giving this book all five stars.

    Dragons, knights, sieges, tornadoes, mazes, traitors and lantern spiders. Find all this and more… if you choose to enter the door with

  22. The Door Within by Wayne Thomas Batson is about an unpopular teenager named Aidan Thomas. Aidan is forced to move when his Dad’s job is transfered. He is shocked when he finds scrolls in the basement of his new house. These scrolls tell of King Eliam and the Realm. This book is an intriging begining to an excellent series.

  23. The Door Within must open for one to truly see… Join Aidan as he enters the Realm, a place beyond his wildest imagination. As he forms strong friendships and learns how to fight, he learns he is never alone. When a close friend is captured Aidan is tried beyond what he thought he could bear. But for those who rely on the One True King nothing is impossible. So for those who want to read this book, fire ahead!

  24. Aidan Thomas is reluctant to move… even if he tries to adjust, he just can’t. He is fed up with having to help his grandfather, Grampin, all of the time, when he finds them. Three scrolls, which tell a fantastic tale. A tale about a distant realm. Later, Aidan enters the realm told of in the scrolls; Alleble. There, Aidan must learn several things. He must, most of all, learn to become a knight. For he has been chosen by the King, by Him, to go with friends to a distant realm… Mithegard. But in the way lies Paragory, the land of the Betrayer. Will Aidan and his friends be able to get to Mithegard in time to stop the evil ways Paragor, and even get through his land? Will Aidan have the courage to do what must be done?

  25. In The Door Within, by Wayne Thomas Batson, Aidan moves away from all of his friends and is annoyed. He goes exploring in the new house and finds ancient-looking scrolls in the basement. They tell him of an exciting Realm where the good king Eliam reigns. In the story, Eliam’s Friend and Sentinel, Paragal, kills him and the Elder Guard, the elite warriors of the Realm. There the story ends, but there is a riddle-like message that tells the reader that the Door Within will open for those who truly believe. Aidan does not understand, and shows his grandfather, who tells him to think of a rope bridge over a chasm. Aidan does, and walks along it and finds himself by a door that he enters through and ends up in the Realm! Once there he must undergo all the training it takes to become a knight in the good parts of the Realm in one week. Paragal has had his name to Paragor by Eliam, for Eliam’s soul survived the death of its body. Paragor made his own evil country called Paragory. Once a knight, Aidan joins a squad of 12 knights of the good parts of the Realm as the 12th knight and the group must journey on a diplomatic mission to a country that is neutral in the battle and convince them to join Eliam. However, Paragor has sent his own armies to “convince” them to join the Paragory and not all of the twelve are true to King Eliam…

  26. the door wihin is a wonderful start to an excellent trilogy. fantasy and medevial fans will love this book

  27. The Door Within is an exhilirating book! It starts off with a riveting start and has a storyline that keeps it up. It is filled of humor, action, adventure, and a good life lesson to apply to one’s life. I recommend this book for all who love to read good books.

  28. Aiden is a teenager whose comfy life seems to be coming apart. When he stumbles upon 3 scrolls in his handicapped grandfather’s basement, he discovers the Door Within. Crossing over, he finds a world of good vs. evil, is trained by the knights of Alleble, and embarks on a mission from the King.

  29. The Door Within is a fast moving (and EXTREMELY thrilling) fantasy fiction novel.
     Rolling hills, unicorns, a black plain called the Grim Walk, the beautiful castle of Alleble, and a tree city, yew-wood.
     not to mention how suspenseful it is!
    A touching story.
    Recommended for ages 10 and up (I’m 9 though)
     Great Book Wayne!

  30. Another book by Wayne Thomas Batson! This is the first book of the first series he wrote. And guess what? It is the best.
    Aiden is 14 year old failure, he’s out of shape, he’s not cool, and now he left behind in Maryland his only friend Robby. Why? His grandfather lives in Colorado, and has reached the point in life where he can’t take care of himself properly. So Aiden’s parents have decided to move to Colorado and take care of Aiden’s grandfather.
    To sum up, Aiden finds some strange scrolls in his Grandfather’s basement that present the key to unlock something that will change Aiden’s life permanently, and direct the course of the future…
    Wow, there are so many things I can say about this book, but it would be idk HOW many pages long. Oh, well. Let me try to give a short list of things I liked:
    The map, the characters, the creatures (Especially the Mortiwraiths ), the plot, the message. Great Book!

  31. Warning, there’s spoilers ahead!
    Imagine that you are … Aidan, a teenage boy who has just left his best friend and gone to live in Colorado.   You discover in your Grampin’s basement (you are staying in his house) something quite unusual; ‘blue electricity’ which is actually breathing and which leaves behind scrolls in pots!   Whew!   The scrolls are so cool, you hurry to tell your parents when they come home, because an incredible, fantastic story is illuminated across the thick parchment.   Unfortunately, you cannot find the pots the scrolls came in, and your parents conclude you just found a cool handwritten ‘original draft’ of a popular story which, they assure you, is common enough and in bookstores across the country!
    So, what do you do?   Read the scrolls and Enter the Door Within …  and you will go places you never dreamed existed, and meet King Eliam, who is in control of everything and who you must learn to trust.   Because Adventures begin with the Unexpected and make you tread narrow paths.   You will be saved by a friendly dragon, meet an enchanting lady named Gwenne, learn to be a knight, and become best buddies with moonrascals, little cute creatures who burrow underground, and last but not least learn a lesson from glowing spiders … you also, of course, must evade capture by Paragor, the arch villain who is intent on disrupting King Eliam’s rule of peace and goodness.   And don’t ever forget, King Eliam is with you: you are never alone.

  32. A very fun book. Entertaining, action-packed. It may not be on my list of favorites, but I think if I’d read it while at the age of the targeted audience, it would have been.

  33. I was curious about this book for my middle school and teenage children and within the first few pages I found myself drawn into the world of the principle character, Aiden, and fully invested in his life and the wonderful adventure he finds himself on. Batson is a talented writer with a gift for creating intrigue and curiosity about his characters that beckons you to join in the adventure right through to the end. My children and I have now read the entire trilogy and cannot get enough of Mr. Batson’s books! I highly recommend these to anyone with children middle-school aged and older or anyone longing for a fantastic sense of adventure.

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