Sarah, Plain and Tall

Our rating: ***

Out in the country of early America, Anna and Caleb’s father puts an ad in the newspaper for a wife. His previous wife died not long after Caleb’s birth. A woman named Sarah answers the ad and comes to live with them for a month for a trial period. But often she misses the sea, where she came from. Will Sarah stay, or will she return to the sea?

A somewhat simple, short story. I read Sarah, Plain and Tall in about an hour, if I remember correctly. This book might be a little better for people younger than me. It’s alright, but not my favorite. Oh, and Sarah, Plain and Tall is the beginning of a trilogy. There are two more books after this one.

7 Responses to “Sarah, Plain and Tall”

  1. Oh I love this book…the other 2 are really good as well!

  2. […] with the book before this, Sarah, Plain and Tall, this isn’t one of my favorites. As a warning, one of Sarah’s aunts goes […]

  3. Oh, I remember that book- haven’t read it in ages. I think I liked it quite a lot. :)

    And I’m pretty sure there are four books in all; maybe five.

  4. I believe it’s a trilogy, but if it is a series with four or five books, do you know what the fourth and fifth are called?

  5. I think it is a trilogy because we bought the set and we only got three.

  6. I looked it up on, and there do seem to be five. Besides Sarah, Plain and Tall, and Skylark, there are Caleb’s Story, More Perfect Than the Moon, and Grandfather’s Dance all listed as part of the series.

  7. Oh, I only knew of three! :-)

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