The Enchanted Castle

Our rating: ****

Gerald, Cathy, and Jimmy are out of school for the holidays, and they discover a cave which leads to a seemingly enchanted castle. They awaken a sleeping princess, who shows them a treasure room, and a ring in it which starts a series of adventures.

I like this book. However, like most of E. Nesbit’s other books, there are temples. There are also some statues that come alive that are gods and goddesses and one of the parts near the end with the gods and goddesses is not my favorite. But that being said, this is a pretty good book.

2 Responses to “The Enchanted Castle”

  1. I really liked this book. Some of the adventures are so funny! The magic ring tends to stick on the wearer’s fingers at all the wrong times. Can you imagine being invisible, and then not being able to get visible again? What would you do? Read and find out!

  2. Oh I really enjoyed this book! Its really unique, and also by a favorite author so I am a bit biased haha…but it is very good.

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