The Golden Dream of Carlo Chuchio

Our rating: *****

Carlo has been working for his uncle for many years, but his somewhat incompetent nature finally forces Uncle Evariste to discharge him and send him far away with a small purse of money. Carlo is not altogether discouraged, as this provides him with the perfect opportunity to go treasure-hunting with an old, old map he discovered. Baksheesh, the most lazy camel puller who ever existed; and Shira, a young woman bent on facing her past, join him on this topsy-turvy quest through dangers and adventures Carlo never dreamed of.

Loved it! I am extremely fond of first-person style in books when it’s done well, and this one takes full advantage of it. When I wasn’t grinning, I was laughing. Sadly, though, this is Lloyd Alexander’s last book ever, due to his recent death in May of this year. But I think The Golden Dream of Carlo Chuchio is a fitting end to complete his writings. Well worth reading!

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