A. A. Milne on The Muppet Show

My family and I were watching the The Muppet Show – Season One DVD collection awhile ago. We noticed that a couple A. A. Milne poems appear set to music:

In the Florence Henderson episode, Rowlf the piano-playing dog sings “Cottlestone Pie”, from Winnie-the-Pooh, after stating that Pooh used to sing this song when he was perplexed.

Also, in the Harvey Korman episode, Robin sings “Halfway Down the Stairs” from When We Were Very Young.

2 Responses to “A. A. Milne on The Muppet Show

  1. Later on, guest star Twiggy does the one about the King who wants butter for his bread. I can’t remember the name of the poem.

  2. Ooh! Haven’t seen that one yet! I’ll have to remember that. Guess Henson liked Milne.

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