The Final Storm

Our rating: ****

 The Realm is in grave danger as Paragor marches ever nearer with an immense army. Only the legendary three witnesses can save our friends from the previous books. Meanwhile, Aidan is still trying to get through to his friend Robby about the Realm and King Eliam. And Antoinette is still in the Realm, captured by Robby’s evil Glimpse. As Paragor’s army reaches Alleble, the three witnesses must be discovered, and everybody must choose whose side they are on.

This is an epic fantasy tale that moves quickly from page one all the way to the end. So quickly, in fact, that I almost feel like Wayne Thomas Batson could have split The Final Storm into two books and slowed down a little bit. However, that is my only major complaint with this one. The characters really come to life, there’s great humor, excitement, and a very satisfying ending.

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  1. The conclusion to Wayne Thomas Batson’s best-selling The Door Within trilogy does not disappoint. In record time Wayne has all three protagonists with trouble up to their helmets. Paragor has amassed superior force, technology, and ancient forces for the final assault on an unprepared Alleble. Not to mention King Eliam seems to have abandoned them all. You won’t want to miss Wayne’s trade-mark lightning-paced, action packed adventure.

  2. Imprisoned in the fortress of Paragor, Antoinette Reed still tries desperately to convince Kearn that Paragor’s promises are empty. Meanwhile, Aidan loans the Scrolls to Robby in hopes that they will convince him that The Realm is real and that King Eliam is the one to follow. But Robby is not easy to convince. In The Realm, Kaliam readies Alleble for the assault by Paragor’s forces that is sure to come, bringing all of those loyal to King Eliam under the protection of the city’s walls. But with the ancient Wyrm Lord and the Seven Sleepers on Pearagor’s side, will the walls of Alleble be enough to with stand the storm?

    “The Final Storm” brings together the best characters from the two previous books and introduces us to still more. Each of the three travelers from the Mirror Realm—Robby, Antoinette, and Aidan—have their own strengths and weaknesses keeping them from becoming copies of each other. The Glimpses too are clearly defined. While the characters retain their boisterous natures from previous books, the looming war tempers them making this my favorite of the trilogy.

    Amid the darkness of war, there is hope. Beneath the shadows of ruin, there is life. These concepts and more are a foundation to this story of Alleble’s great stand against the evil of Paragor. I love the way Batson illustrates the fact that though evil times will come, there is only one place to put our trust—In the King of kings. He will see to it that the evil will be used for good, no matter how bleak things may be. “The Final Storm” reminds us all that the end is only the beginning. Teenagers will love this gripping conclusion to the Door Within trilogy.

  3. Wow. This book is great. Enough battles and peril to satisfy the adventure-lover, enough secrets to satisfy the mystery-lover, and enough coolness to satisfy the… well, cool-lover!

    All around great. Granted, some might see it as “just another fantasy book”, but it most certainly has characteristics that distinguish it from others in its genre.

    For instance, there is an unlikely connection between Earth and The Realm… but I won’t spoil that for you. :-D Also, there is a good dose of Biblical allegory, enough to inspire and appeal to Christian readers, yet not so much that the books would be termed “preachy” by most non-Christians. It would still be a marvelous book even without these themes.

    This is also a welcome addition to the book world because, by almost all standards, it is clean. I have tried many other fantasy tales and been sorely disappointed by inappropriate words and references.

    This book is emotional, as well. Beloved characters die, yet even in those times, there is hope…

    I will mention that its main downside would be, in my opinion, the fact that there were a grammar issues that I found distracting. Nonetheless, I enjoyed the plot and characters so much that I still am giving this book all five stars.

    Mortiwraiths, last stands, shape-shifters, explosions, dungeons, scrolls, fire rock, and a final confrontation between the forces of good and evil as, finally, all warriors from each side amass. Read this book (but first read the others) and read the amazing, complete, emotional, well-planned, unexpected ending of the Door Within Trilogy.

  4. The Final Storm by Wayne Thomas Batson is the final book in the Door Within trilogy. This book answers the most asked question… will Paragor win?This gripping novel will not dissapoint!

  5. In this final installment of the Door Within trilogy, Aidan, Antoinette, and Robby must join together in the kingdom of Alleble to defeat Paragor, The Seven Sleepers, and the Wyrm Lord. The book is well written, with excellent plot, and draws the reader in almost immediately. Putting down the book was very difficult. A fun read, by Wayne Thomas Batson.

  6. The Final Storm by Wayne Thomas Batson is the exciting conclusion to the Door Within Trilogy. Darkness begins to envelope the Realm as the evil usurper, Paragor, begins to unleash his forces. The Glimpses, inhabitants of the Realm, still loyal to the good King Eliam must stand strong and be wiling to sacrifice their all for the hope of finally defeating Paragor. Aidan and Antoinette, both teens from our world who we met in the previous books, both meet in the realm as they attempt to escape from Paragor’s clutches. They find the Realm a very different place; they find the Realm a world preparing for the biggest battle, the final storm.
    Will they be able to get out of Paragory alive? Will the forces of the King win? Will the legendary heroes prophesied to bring victory show up?
    Find out in the Final storm.
    I must say that I love the way that everything culminates in the final book. Heroes use what they have learned, characters that we have not seen in a long time show up, and the puzzle becomes clear. This book also shows, which is my favorite thing about it, that death is not the end for Christians.
    However, I felt bogged down a lot by conversations that seemed to slow the plot down. Some elements of the story came almost too fast in places, and the reader suddenly learns a very important fact about Antoinette in a sudden comment she makes. It seems to me that the fact should have been presented in a more attention-getting way, because a reader could very well be confused or miss the new revelation entirely.
    All in all, I recommend this book to readers age nine and up. Fantasy and adventure fans alike will highly enjoy this epic fantasy. As an avid fan of Mr. Batson’s work, I can tell you, it only gets better from here!

  7. Fill in the blank with =,
    (Hoards of Paragor +The Wyrm Lord +The Seven Sleepers )__(The Three Witnesses +Allebian Soldiers +Falon )

    Bad Guy Background
    1=Any glimpse (a being that lives in the Realm) who chose to follow Paragor (An evil king in the Realm)
    2=The first dragon, shape shifter, fire can melt stone is so powerful
    3=The first Wolvin (Wolf) pack, learned to shape shift from The Wyrm Lord

    Good Guy Background
    4=As to existence-??, three heroes from ancient prophecy, believed in by good glimpses, only hope of many
    5=Any glimpse that chose to follow King Eliam
    6=The oldest mortiwraith (snake with legs) poisonous blood, fierce warrior and hater of Paragory (Paragor’s empire)


  8. The third and final book in the Door Within Trilogy is excellent. As the final battle between Alleble and Paragory draws near, Aidan’s friend Robby joins Alleble’s forces. As good and evil clash it is up to Aidain, Robby, and Antionette to save Alleble. The only way is to trust in the One True King, but will the three friends choose to follow their King? I definitely recommend this book for any teenager.

  9. Aidan an ordinary boy with an ordinary life, that changes all to soon. While exploring his grandfather’s basement he discovers three things that leads him into action that he has never dreamed of, let alone been in. Immersed into legends of betrayal, training to be an elite Knight, and learning to trust the true King. Deep fears but deeper truths and strong evils but stronger goods. Can Aidan do what he didn’t think could be done?

  10. The Final Storm is awesome!!! The final chapter of the Door Within Trilogy could not be any better. With an exhilirating plot, Wayne Batson’s best battle ever, and the best ending possible, this book is a must for all people who love to read good books!

  11. The evil knight Paragor has united his forces with the Wyrm Lord and the Seven Sleepers and attacks relentlessly, preparing for 1, final, devestating attack. While mourning over the loss of a hero, Alleble wonders whom the Three Witnesses are that are promised to aid them and prepare for the attack by Paragor. Meanwhile, Robby is sucked into The Realm.

  12. The Final Storm is written by Wayne Thomas Batson and Christopher Hopper, it is a thrilling fast moving fantasy-fiction novel, it is VERY suspenseful! 
    The three main characters from our world, Aiden/Aelic, Antoinette/Gwenne,and Robby/Kearn,are destined to save the whole realm from the evil conqueror, Paragor/Satan.
    Recommended for ages 10 and over (I’m 9 though) >_>            
    Great Book Wayne!

  13. A book by Wayne Thomas Batson, this book is the third book of a 3 book series. The first is The Door Within and the second is The Rise of the Wyrm Lord. I recommend all three for all readers.
     Evil Paragor plans to revenge his downfall and defeat king Eliam and proclaim himself king of Alleble! In his corrupted mind he seeks ever to gain the title he never could, King. Now in The Final Storm he is to set in motion an event that will spell the downfall of all blue eyed glimpses! With an army of nightmares, the Seven Sleepers, the ancient Wyrm Lord and a host of evil knights he intends march on all good that it left in the mirror realm.
     Can Aiden, Antoinette and Robby Pierson save the future of the universe? Can they secure the walls before The Final Storm? Find out today…

  14. Spoilers in here, BEWARE O!
    The Final Storm was a good book, although King Eliam was not quite painted in as much splendor as he deserved and the battles got involved and muddled at the end.   I think that there should have been a little less stress on Robby & the other’s choosing, and more on their trust of King Eliam.
    That aside, it was pretty cool to see Robby turn out as a friend after the awful scare we all received with his dad, who turns out to be Paragor’s second in the Other Realm!   Really that part was done well, like when Robby finds that his friendship with Aidan was stronger and more compelling than all the flattery, lies and violence coming from his dad and the Glimpses from Paragor.   Trenna the huntress was an interesting addition to the character list too, and Robby’s rescue of her from the spiders was a good point.   Maybe my favorite part (besides the epic ending) is how Robby tames the cranky untame dragon Splinter and how Aidan’s big pet mortiwraith friend comes to his and Antoinette’s rescue when no-body else can.
    Really the best though was when Aidan posed as Blarrak, a slopppy Paragor knight, and went into the Gates of Despair to rescue Antoinette! (and of course he did).   But it’s never easy, because Aidan’s commander Drang, and Kearn, Robby’s mean Glimpse double, suspect!   Find out just how he does it, with Antoinette & an aged sage to keep track of, and Drang on his tail with a half-dozen men!

  15. enjoyed this slightly less than the second. But it wrapped things up nicely, in keeping with the allegorical themes developed up to this point.

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