Our rating: ***

A year after the events in Inkheart, Dustfinger has finally found somebody to read him back to the Inkworld. However, Orpheus, a conceited man with the gift of reading, tricks Dustfinger and leaves his assistant Farid behind. Fearing the book’s original tragic end for Dustfinger, Farid asks Mo’s daughter Meggie to read him to the Inkworld as well, which she does, but she comes along. What they find is a very messed up Inkworld that seems to be writing its own story. Meggie tries to help Fenoglio (the author of the book they are now in) fix the story, while Farid attempts to save Dustfinger from disaster.

And if you think that was complicated, wait ’til I tell you that I left out two or three plot lines! In other words, Cornelia Funke’s brilliant sequel is deeper than the original. Inkspell raises multitudes of very good questions, such as, “What would it be like for a man to be the god of a world?” To find out the answer, you’ll need to stay tuned for not only Inkspell, but also the sequel Inkdeath, as Inkspell ends at quite the cliffhanger. Well worth the time to read it.

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  1. My sister recently read (and enjoyed) this book as well. From your review, it looks like it’s a book worth reading.

    (Goes off to check if it’s available at the library)

    – Jordan

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