15 Ways to Tell If You Love Books

You might be a book lover if…

  • You relate everyone you meet to a book character.
  • You memorize your library card number.
  • Your library imposes a limit on the number of items that can be checked out on one card.
  • You know what an Inter-Library Loan really is and must explain it to everyone who uses the term improperly.
  • Your librarian knows you on sight and knows exactly where your spot on the hold shelf is.
  • Your wishlist is composed entirely of books.
  • You can rattle off the release dates of a dozen books on your wishlist.
  • People wonder if you ever give any gifts besides books.
  • Your first question to new friends is, “So, do you read much?”
  • You constantly nag your friends to read more.
  • You walk out of used book sales carrying several large boxes of books.
  • You insert random book quotes into conversations and don’t mind the perplexed looks.
  • You’ve had nightmares about going somewhere and forgetting your book.
  • Nobody will watch a movie with you because you keep yelling, “That wasn’t in the book!”
  • You plan on naming your children after characters from your favorite fantasy novel.

Special thanks to everybody in the forum thread who helped come up with this list!

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One Response to “15 Ways to Tell If You Love Books”

  1. How about, you’re reading so many books at once you’re getting your who’s who mixed up?

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