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Part of our Read-a-Thon 2010 highlight posts.

When most people think of C. S. Lewis, his Narnia series is usually what comes to mind first. Or perhaps The Screwtape Letters. But today I want to draw attention to what are definitely my favorite Lewis books: his science fiction trilogy.

These are written for advanced readers, as the style of writing is so deep and thought-provoking, and Lewis does not attempt to smooth over the badguys. Evil is portrayed as what it is. But I still recommend these very, very highly. Every time I read them I find something new.

And just because they’re thought-provoking, don’t think they’re boring! Every book has plenty of action and suspense written in the older style. They stretch the imagination while exciting interest. And, best of all, on multiple occasions they have inspired me anew and afresh to marvel over how amazing our God is.

Here they are, listed in order.

Out of the Silent Planet

Arthur Ransom is kidnapped by a pair of scientists and taken on a spaceship to Malacandra, where the scientists intend to turn him over to the ruler for a human sacrifice. But little do the scientists know that their betrayal was not what the ruler wanted, and their actions have set about world-changing events.


Ransom, now a friend of the rulers of the planets, is sent to Perelandra (Venus) to help try to prevent it from going the way of Earth at Eden.

That Hideous Strength

The events in books one and two have brought about massive celestial repercussions, and the dark beings on Earth battle the rulers of the planets in an attempt to take over Earth once and for all.

As a side note: These books seem to be written from the standpoint of theistic evolution, and do involve other races of beings on other planets.

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